Cat小說 >  Punisher: A ONE-LIFE >   CHAPTER 8

*Saiman John

Rank: Civilian

Level: 2

Health: 10/10

Mana: 12/12

Str: 1

Dex: 1

Con: 1

Mag: 6

Cou: 5

Cha: -9*

Wow, Saiman hadn expected his mana to increase by six fold. He could cast twelve firebolts now! Saiman pressed a finger on his mana. Even though he had twelve mana now, it still would replenish fully in an hour! That meant the higher his mana became, the more his mana regeneration would be. If he ever raised his mana to sixty, he would get one mana a minute! But how was he supposed to explain that to his party? That he was just kidding? That they waited an entire hour for nothing? Scar would kill him for sure.

Everything would work out somehow. Saiman would figure out how to tell them later. He was itching to cast more spells. Kill more monsters. Level up again and grow even more powerful. Saiman walked down the corridor, deeper into the dungeon, to find his next target.