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Did this mean he could increase his stats if he leveled up? How many stats would he get when he leveled up? In a few levels, he could raise his charisma high enough to be normal. No, even higher than that! Could he really make friends that easily? Maybe even get a girlfriend? Being likable was a defense. Bullies wouldn pick on him if he was normal.

But that didn seem like enough. You couldn count on someone to leave you alone as your only defense. Cruel people didn need a reason to hurt others. Saiman wanted the strength to repel, to defend himself. Hed become strong enough that he wouldn be at the mercy of small-minded people.

Saimans emotions were out of control. They swelled until tears formed once more. Saiman didn have to be a burden on his mom. Could he really raid dungeons even if he was a voidboy? Could he progress from civilian to soldier? Rebirth was supposed to unlock a persons maximum potential. Stuck in the rank one was reborn to. There were very few exceptions. Someone could improve their strength to stand at the top of their rank, but the gaps in power between the slayer ranks were too large to cross with effort alone.

But if Saiman could climb the ladder of power, from civilian to soldier, warrior, champion, warlord and even to creator... his potential might be limitless. Might be greater even than a creators. Greater than Mike. Was that possible? There was only one way to find out.

Wait. How would he even go about getting inside a dungeon to begin with? Especially with a power score lower than a civilian. No one would want to take him along; he was a liability.

He opened the browser on his computer and navigated to the Department of Dungeon Defense website. Because hed been reborn, he could access it. Saiman typed in his credentials and registered his account. From there, he could print off his slayers license.

Saiman blinked in surprise as a digital version of his dungeon license popped up. Hed receive the official one in the mail in a couple weeks, but he could print off a temporary license in the meantime.

Where Saiman expected to see a big fat zero, a power score of ten was written on his license. Maybe their system couldn account for a zero. It was probably outside the realm of expectation.

He printed his license with the mistaken power score. Then printed four more copies.

After that he saved a local copy on three different hard drives. If the DDD fixed the problem someday, he wouldn get this chance again to have an official license without a big fat zero on the front.

With that, maybe he could join a dungeon raid... It was unlikely. He was a burden as a civilian, but it wasn unheard of for civilians to enter dungeons it was just unlikely for them to come back out. Saiman clicked through the site and navigated to the classified section. After scrolling for a bit he found what he was looking for, the lowest rank dungeon, a soldier dungeon, located close to his town that had a single vacancy.

Two days from now, on a Thursday.

Saiman decided. Hed enter dungeons, kill monsters, and get stronger. Climb as high as he could go. Climb to the top. Beyond the top.

Where no one could hurt him. Where he could protect himself.

For the first time in Saimans recent memory, the voices in his head were hopeful as he drifted to sleep.

Saiman woke to a knock at the door.