Cat小說 >  Punisher: A ONE-LIFE >   CHAPTER 4

The drive home was quiet, although the sky was much brighter. The skyscrubber Hyde mustve flown by while they were inside the building. That or Mike had done it. That Mike might be strong enough to be a skyscrubber felt like another punch to the gut. It would be a daily reminder.

Mike was already all over the news. Even music stations stopped playing music to discuss the ramifications of their new creator rank slayer. Americas only creator, the first since the defector. The nations shining hope. Even other truckers on the CB radio were excitedly chattering about the news. Mankinds last hope, everyone called him. If Mike was our last hope, maybe we all deserved to die. Saiman grimaced at the thought.

Finally, the awkward drive ended. Saiman got down from his seat and opened the door for his mom. She stepped down from the semi-truck and gave him another hug.