Cat小說 >  Punisher: A ONE-LIFE >   CHAPTER 29

Saiman was the first at the bright red dungeon on the roof of the three-story apartment building.

He arrived early to beat everyone else there. He had been rushed into the last dungeon and wanted enough time to inspect this one.

Bright red tendrils flailed aimlessly from the surface of the dungeon until Saiman approached. They reached to caress his skin, almost making contact before they evaporated into a crimson mist. The red smoke pooled to the ground then made its way back to the dungeon exterior. The way it found him gave Saiman the creeps. There was something intelligent behind the motions. As if the dungeon were alive. Hungry. The red gleam of the dungeon was brighter than the previous dungeon had been. It was intense. Saiman wasn sure if it meant anything. He circled the dungeon, inspecting it.

The dungeon door was gigantic. Made from cobblestones with a large iron ring as a door handle. The back was a round cobblestone mound that eventually met flush with the ground. It reminded Saiman of a turtle shell emerging from a concrete lake. Saiman held his breath as he gingerly placed his hand on the back of the dungeon exterior. A dangerous musical chime played in his mind.

*Warning! This dungeon has been failed once before. Warning!*

The hairs on the back of Saimans neck stood erect. Another reminder this wasn a game; other slayers had already died inside. There was a deeper meaning to the warning than just to tell him other slayers had failed, but Saiman didn understand what it was. Was this dungeon exceptionally dangerous? Or had it become more dangerous because of the failure? One thing for sure was he didn like the atmosphere of this dungeon. It was as if something sinister lurked inside, waiting… Or feeding. Growing? A shiver ran down Saimans back.

Saiman circled to the front and inspected the strange script on the door that no man could read. It looked like the same script that had been on Wraithfords cape. What information did those characters contain? Five gems settled in a shape that resembled a star. Another five-man dungeon. Besides the script, the only other symbol on the door was an unimposing symbol of a fluffy cloud. What it meant, Saiman could only guess. Maybe Gruff would know.

Footsteps climbed the stairs as the door to the roof opened behind him. Scar and Becca walked through the door to the roof. Scar regarded him with a cool glare, his thoughts unreadable. Becca ignored him completely.

Saiman sighed internally. They would be here first. The tension between him and Scar was more uncomfortable than the dungeon aura had been. Saiman looked down at his immaculate white healers robes. He held a brown symboletched crook in hand. He finally looked the part of a slayer. At least one of a healer. His dungeon pouch sat on his hip, which held the light armor hed bought. Two daggers hung from a belt cinched around his waist. The usual flowing robe looked more like a summer dress because of the belt. Saiman thought he cut a striking figure, summer dress or not.

Scar ignored Saiman as he approached the dungeon to inspect the symbols on the door. His visage darkened as he waved Becca over.