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Saiman put some distance between himself and the overly charismatic salesman and moved toward racks of gear. The store had laid the items by class. Healers crooks, robes, rings, holy pendants, and other items were the first section he came across. Thoughts of waiting for Gruff were long forgotten. Saiman touched item after item, for each item touched, a window would pop up showing stats. They were all identified. Saiman was glad for that. He didn want to draw attention to himself trying to identify an item in the middle of the store with light shooting everywhere around a floating object.

Saiman lingered on the healer items for only a second before he passed on to the section where sharp, dangerous blades stood in rack after rack. Buntas impressive speedy form replayed in his mind. Saiman heard the sales associate welcome someone else to the store.

Saiman looked expectantly for Gruff.

There stood the barrel-chested man, fresh growth just started on his previously burnt-bald head and face. He hadn visited the fancy barber, but looked like he buzzed the rest of his hair clean off. Gruffs health bar sat over 80%. Gruffs eyes scanned the violet chasm. His eyes met with Saimans for a second, then passed on before his neck snapped back to Saiman.