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Bank account? Saiman didn remember setting that up. His mom mustve done it after they returned from the Bureau. He swiped the text away to find an email from the Bureau of Rebirth stating $41,000 had been deposited into his account, with a message that stated he could withdraw the funds at any major financial institution. Saimans jaw dropped. Hed never had much spending money, besides birthday money. But now hed made forty-one thousand dollars in one night!

Saiman let out a whoop of exhilaration as he replied to Gruffs text. He would be there Saturday.

Saturday. Tomorrow. Two dungeons in just three days, three if you counted his rank up trial. Life had gotten busy since his rebirth.

Saiman looked at his shirtless figure in the mirror hanging on the back of his door. New pink skin covered a plethora of freshly healed wounds. He was bald, except in the places where the hair had somehow miraculously avoided various fires, slimes, spells, and acid sprays. His hair looked awful. Worse than bad. Thats what Saiman needed first. A haircut. Hopefully, they could do something with this mess.

His phone chimed again. The text from Gruff had the meeting place. Grimoires Gear and Goods. Saiman knew the store but could never go inside before. The store wouldn let anyone without a slayers license inside. But now he had one. He was excited at the prospect of being able to shop there.

Saiman looked up the bus schedule and ran out the door. Hed get there a few hours early to do some other shopping.

Saiman stood outside of the barbershop Slay. Already down almost a thousand dollars. Saimans head spun at the vast sum of money hed already spent. All of it on a haircut. Hed never spent this much in his entire life. Maybe hed gone a little overboard. The haircut cost him eight hundred dollars. A drop in the bucket, but he couldn help but feel like it wasn worth it. Wouldn his hair just get messed up in the next dungeon, anyway?

The haircut itself had been a strange experience. The barber was a champion rank healer who fixed slayers hair all the time. First, hed buzzed Saimans hair completely, finishing it with a smooth shave. Saiman had never been bald before and didn like how his naked scalp looked, but it felt incredible. Smooth and glossy. The barber then used a rejuvenation spell which grew Saimans hair down past his shoulders.

Saiman was glad hed learned useful spells, unlike the one the barber used. Imagine! If he learned a spell for growing hair when hed raised his magic to twenty! Sorry Bunta, youll suffocate inside the ice sphere, but at least we can grow your hair as long as you want.

The hairstyle the barber chose was a little too trendy for Saimans liking, but he didn know a better hairstyle, so he paid and left.

He then went window shopping. He bought a school backpack to replace his lost one. His suspension wouldn end before school got out for summer, but he would need one next year. Plus, he didn want his mom asking where his other backpack had gone. The sales lady tried to get him to buy extra clothes, but Saiman hadn seen the need for it. His clothes worked fine, even if they were a little stained. He had never seen the point in people purchasing new clothes all the time. Dressing and smelling like flowers. Clothes should be practical.

With more time to kill, Saiman watched a television up in a corner of the shopping mall. Mike, humanitys great hope flashed across the screen. Mike was to enter his first dungeon on Saturday. His party, specially curated, held some of Americas strongest warlords. Household names. Mike was being babied. Coddled. The reporter announced the time when Mike would enter the dungeon. It was roughly the same time as Saimans party. Mike and Saiman couldn be more different. Saiman wouldn be coddled. He smiled at that. Hed already been through a dungeon and ranked up. He had already accomplished so much, where Mike hadn even started yet. Mike might be more powerful, but Saiman was more experienced at least.

Eventually, Saiman found his Way tO Grimoires Gear and Goods, earlier than their meeting time, but Saiman didn think it would hurt to look around. Money burned a hole in his pocket and he knew at least one item he wanted to buy.