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But Wraithford was the opposite. Saiman saw the difference the instant their eyes met. Wraithfords eyes were back on him once more, his face twisted in hunger and desire. Saiman no longer faced a showman, a gladiator. Instead Wraithfords glowing eyes glistened with primal hunger, with a need for Saimans blood. Wraithford would come, like a beast hunting his prey. Wraithford wouldn hold back anymore. No… he couldn hold back anymore after getting a taste.

King Wraithford sprung forward, his motion a blur. His colossal fist slammed down toward Saimans face. Saiman threw himself to the side, out of the path of the blow. A graceless flop to the ground, the air whooshed overhead in warning. That punch wouldn just hurt, it wouldve outright killed him. He was sure of it. Wraithford raised a foot to stomp him. Saiman rolled out from under the crushing step and back to his feet. He sprang backward and tried to make some distance, but Wraithford pursued.

Saiman had been wrong. Wraithford was fast, but not as fast as Saiman first thought. His own fear slowed his movements. Saiman focused on the series of kicks as he slipped past the attacks. He was just a step below the speed of the undead behemoth. But he was smaller. There was an advantage to that, like a man trying to trap a skittering mouse. The mouse had more options. Saiman ducked under two more lightning fast swings before he jumped out of the way of a kick from the giant.

Saiman darted away from another punch. And rolled past another. He grasped the timing of the giants attacks. In a smooth motion, he plunged his chipped blade deep into the abdomen of Wraithford. A giant hand swatted Saiman away, ripping the embedded sword from his hand. Saiman tumbled from the force of the swat, almost twice as far as he had from the first punch.

A notification swam before Saimans eyes.

*-13 Health.*

Saiman had been right about Wraithfords strength. He was strong, and he had been holding back. A reactionary swat cost Saiman 13 health. Saiman glanced at his health bar. A full punch would likely do over fifty damage. Saiman couldn afford to get hit by a full strength blow.

*Health: 43/110

Mana: 42/42*

How could he turn the tables? What spell could help him here? What about his third tier two spell? Ice vortex. With a thought, Saiman brought up the details as Wraithford charged him.

*Ice Vortex: Consumes 20 mana upon use. A magical pool of ice appears under one creature, decreasing their speed by 20%. Duration: 60 seconds.*

Saiman would have a minute. An entire minute where he might be faster than the creature. Would it be enough?