Cat小說 >  Punisher: A ONE-LIFE >   CHAPTER 20

He punched it in the face, but the loose skin sagged and absorbed the blow. The smirk intensified on the creatures face. Saimans health bar dropped below sixty percent. He could feel his blood, his life force, drain into the creatures belly. His arm felt like hamburger as the tooth-blender continued slicing. Endlessly slicing. A thought broke through Saimans panicked, frenzied mind.

His firewall!

Saiman dashed as fast as his enhanced dexterity could take him and plunged his arm and the creature both into the raging flames. The blaze of fire was immediately effective. Saiman felt the creatures scream as its grip on Saimans arm weakened. Saiman grabbed the slimy hair of the creature with his free hand and held it there with all the strength he could muster. It wasn enough.

The creatures hold on his arm disappeared. It flipped, sharp clawed toes dug deep into the hand holding its slimy hair. Instinctively, Saiman released the creature, which fell deeper into the firewall. In a streak of flame it jumped from the firewall, like a fireball shot into the darkness. Saiman couldn bring himself to look at his arm. He finally did. Bile filled his mouth at the sight. Bone exposed. Blood spilled like rain from shredded arteries. There was hardly any skin or flesh left on his arm. The sight made him dizzy.

Could that really be his arm? Saiman glanced at his health bar.

*Health: 49/110

Mana: 24/42*