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Saiman nodded his response. He wished her words could quell his anxiety.

His mom pulled into the back parking lot of the auspicious building. The golden crest of a robed woman, cradling the world in her arms like a baby, was emblazoned on the front of the building. It was the official crest of the Federal Bureau of Rebirth, or the FBR.

People bustled in and out of the building.

Excitement bubbled from those entering the building, but the looks painted on the faces of those who exited told a different story. Theyd lost their fortune. Their future. They had to give up their dreams of the infinite. Back to reality. Their lives were now ordinary. Worse than ordinary. They were civilians. The contrast between the hopeful and the hopeless was too painful to watch. Saiman averted his eyes.

He knew hed wear the same expression shortly.

A young-looking woman greeted them at the door.