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He wouldn kill anybody. Not for a quest reward. In a last resort, as self-defense. But not to complete something as stupid as a quest that he could complete by himself if he were stronger. Saiman closed the quest window and looked at the line in his stats that worried him the most.

*Level: 8 (Max Level! Rank-up Trial Available!)*

Hed already reached his max level. The max level for civilians. Unless Saiman ranked up, he couldn progress. Unable to gain stat points and become stronger. What if this quest was as impossible as the solo survivor quest? Surely there wasn a dungeon out there he could clear solo. Not at this level. He never thought he would come across something like a rank up trial this soon.

Saimans stomach churned as he brought his finger to the quest.

*Congratulations on reaching level 8, the maximum level for civilian rank! Would you like to start the rank up trial?*

To get stronger, Saiman needed to complete the rank up trial. He glanced at his health and mana. Despite being almost full, he was weary. Tired. His body was heavy and his brain slow. Excitement over his level-up program kept him awake the night before, and this had been the longest day of his life.

Despite being at full life, weariness would wear on him. It might be better to do this after a good nights rest. When he could think.

Saiman undressed the rest of the way and got in bed, but his thoughts were restless. His stomach queasy. The slime dungeon had been the single most terrifying experience of his life. Hed had many terror-inducing experiences bullies, getting chased and beaten up, being humiliated in public, the fear and reality of his very public rebirth. None of these held a candle to the sheer intensity of what went on in that dungeon. He almost died, and not just once. He almost accidentally killed his friends, even. He almost lost everything.

Why should he go on? He could stay civilian rank and be comfortable. He could cast magic! And the identify spell. He could probably get an enjoyable job in a luxurious industry identifying loot slayers brought from dungeons. He would be successful. Sure, he was a little chubby now, and his charisma was still negative, but he had useful skills. Skills that people like Gruff and Bunta valued.

But the skills they valued were most useful inside a dungeon. Bunta and Gruff were counting on him for the next dungeon. If he ranked up, he could be even stronger than he was now. He would be the same rank as Gruff, Becca, and Miller. He could quickly eclipse them and then increase his strength even further.

Saiman sat up in bed as adrenaline surged at that last thought. He was reborn a zero, a voidboy, a nothing. And now he could become a soldier.

Fear still gripped his gut, ice still froze his heart. But he decided. He would rank up and enter those terrifying dungeons once again. He would be there to get stronger. He would rise through the ranks, soldier, warrior, and champion reaching the utmost peak of warlord. Only to climb further and become a creator if possible. At the peak, no one could touch him. No one could hurt him. Saiman would risk it all on the most dangerous profession known to man. And he would become the best. The best dungeon slayer ever born. Greater than Tidwell. Greater than Mike. He would be the one to close Titan.

Calmness settled over Saiman for the first time since he entered the dungeon earlier today. First thing in the morning, Saiman would undertake his rank up challenge, whatever it may be.

Saiman wriggled farther into bed. This time, his mind was still. Before he knew it, he drifted tO sleep. His thoughts of glory continued even to his dreams.

Sirens blared through the night as Saiman sleepily tried to turn off his alarm clock. What time was it? And when did his alarm clock change sounds? His eyes snapped open.

*Thirty-seven…. thirty-six…. thirty-five.*

A dialogue window floated in front of his face. The numbers on the countdown steadily marched toward zero.

What was it counting down to? Saiman blinked until clear eyes focused on a small paragraph of words directly above the timer.

*Start your rank-up quest before the timer runs out. If the quest has not been started before the timer runs out, you will forever remain civilian rank.*

Numbers audible only to Saimans ears continued their countdown as his thoughts moved like molasses. Forever a civilian! Saiman navigated to his quest list in a flash. His stomach tightened as he read the words once more.

*Congratulations on reaching level 8, the maximum level for civilian rank! Would you like to start the rank up trial?*

*Five…. Four..*

Saiman shook his head in disbelief. Saiman had planned on purchasing gear, armor, Weapons and maybe even a shield but because of this stupid timer he would enter unprepared. Just as if he hadn learned his lesson from the first dungeon! With enhanced speed Saiman threw on his wardrobe from the day before, Gruffs overlarge shirt and his ratty sweatpants. Both of which looked like they were on their last leg.

*Three…. Two... One…*

Saiman slammed his finger onto the yes button as he finished putting on Gruffs shirt.

*Zero. Zero. Zero. Zero.*

What! No, no, no, no, no! Saiman had been quick enough! Hed beaten the countdown!

He couldn be stuck as a civilian forever!

The dialogue window disappeared from before his eyes. The health bar that had floated in view in the bottom right corner of his vision disappeared. The entire level-up program gone before Saimans eyes in a flash.