Cat小說 >  Punisher: A ONE-LIFE >   CHAPTER 15

With eyes that could barely focus, Saiman examined the sphere of ice, tried to understand just what gruff saw. The wall of fire already melted a good three feet from the top, the ice sphere melting downward in a valley. The ice melted fast, fast enough. They would make it in time to leave the dungeon. Everything would be okay! In less than a minute, The firewall would free Buntas head…

Chills ran the entire course of his body as he understood. Bunta would cook alive.

*Four minutes until dungeon collapse.*

The vibrations turned to quakes as the ground trembled beneath their feet. Small pebbles and dirt clumps fell from the ceiling.

Hot tears sprang to Saimans eyes. Firewall was a ten-minute-long spell, but shouldn there be a way to stop the spell prematurely? He read the spell over and over. But there was nothing. His tears streamed down his face. Saiman had almost done it! Hed almost saved Bunta from suffocating and instead doomed him to burn alive.