Cat小說 >  Punisher: A ONE-LIFE >   CHAPTER 14

An explosion of ice enveloped the cavern. Gruff just got his still-glowing shield up in time to defend against the random shards of ice shrapnel. No one seemed to take any damage, but everyone was silent. Saiman couldn imagine the fury of that explosion being targeted at them. Steam filled the room as the ice shards found white-hot rock and newly formed glass from the fire blast.

*Congratulations! You have slain the dungeon boss!*

*You have leveled up!*

*You have leveled up!*

*You have leveled up!*

A warning sound like an air-raid siren blared inside Saimans head.

*Warning! Boss defeated. Dungeon destabilized. Ten minutes until dungeon collapse.*

Saiman gasped as healing magic pulsed through his body, his health and mana replenished fully. The burns disappeared in an instant as the soothing pulse shot from head to toe. Saiman swiped notifications out of the way as he ran. He only had ten minutes. Where was Bunta? Dread filled his search as the steam slowly revealed the room. Bunta would be okay, right? Bunta had the highest health since he was a warrior rank slayer. His health bar was under 15% before the explosion. Was that enough?

The steam cleared fully as Saiman reached an immense sphere of solid ice where the blue slime had been. Inside the crystalline sphere, Saiman could see the frozen body of Bunta. Pieces of the boss were visible within. The ice was at least ten feet thick with Bunta at the dead center. It would have been an impressive sight if his friend wasn trapped inside. Peering over Buntas head, his health bar contained only a sliver of red left.

He was alive! And conscious! Saiman could heal him! Saiman placed his hands on the ice. Heal other would work, right? He needed to touch a creature to cast it. Would contact with the ice count? Please work! Saiman wanted nothing so badly.